How to Prepare Your Home For the Arrival of New Cat

Discuss the arrival of a new cat with all family members, including children, so that everyone is prepared and on the same page.
Consider obtaining pet insurance – especially for kittens under 2 years old – which will protect you from uncommon but often fatal FIP.
Purchase a litter box and litter so that you can teach your cat to use it right away.
Purchase some interesting cat toys and possibly a scratching post for your new cat to entertain it and keep it from scratching your furniture.
Buy food and water bowls for your new cat.
Get a collar for your new cat.
Find a veterinarian to care for the health and wellbeing of your new cat.
Ask your vet if you should treat your new cat immediately with a medicated shampoo to reduce the chance of bringing infections and fleas into your home.
Consider your lifestyle and begin to make adjustments to your schedule to accommodate your new cat, or make arrangements so that your cat is well cared for sphynx kitten for sale.